Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Box: Amygdala in physical form

As a sculptor, my initial thought regarding the production of a  short animation was-How can a viewer  engage with a film as an installation rather than a video work alone?  The entire premise for Amygdala is one of isolation; I felt that viewer empathy for the main character would be greater if I could somehow replicate an isolated viewing experience.  The resulting challenge was to figure out how that would be possible in the time allotted, with the resources available to me, and as a successful separate sculptural element that contributes to the whole of the film. It was simple enough to come to the conclusion that I needed to extend the narrative into viewer space, and set about figuring out how to give appearance to the “Machine” referenced already in the film.  So I took a page out of the Machine Aesthetic handbook, and consulted some minimalist forms..and made a version of a Kinetoscope (an early film viewing device). Unfortunately, this can not be replicated via the internet...
(detail shot and film, after the jump)


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